Check back soon for MORE resources on reed making and other things related to the bassoon!


To purchase tools, instruments, cane and music:

Miller Marketing

Midwest Musical Imports

Charles Double Reed

RDG Woodwinds

Hodge Products

Trevco Music

Maine Tool Room


Instrument Repairs and Sales:

Hammer Music Company

Kirker Bassoon Repair

Landy Bassoon

Wichita Band Instrument Co.

Nordby Bassoon Repair


Bassoon Blogs and Teacher Websites:

Bernard Garfield

Barry Blogs, OH, USA

Barry Stees

Nathan Koch, TX, USA

Andrew Stowell, UK

Dana Jessen, CA, USA

Michael Burns, NC, USA

Paula Brusky, WI, USA

Trent Jacobs, MN, USA

Tom Hardy, UK

David Wells, CA, USA